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Frock Fluid Turtleneck

Season's change but your favorite dress doesn't have to.

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Frock Iconic

Life's not supposed to be easy but dressing should be.

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We’re so excited to finally let you one about the launch of our brand new, CustomizedT.

This piece has been a core member of our collection, since we released our first piece almost 4 years ago. It encapsulates so much about our vision, and the intention we have when creating clothing.

At its core, it’s simple. Effortless to put on and wear, yet deliberately detailed. I can picture it worn loose, the ties becoming instant layers that add dimension and elevate what at first glance, looks and feels like your regular T-Shirt.

And then, tied knotted at the front, I feel as though it creates a purposeful new silhouette that brings to mind the possibility of a new shape. Volume with definition. And finally, but infinitely not the end, where and how it can be worn exactly is undefined. We leave that part to you.