There has been construction happening right outside #TheCornerShop on and off for the last couple of weeks. Depending on the day, the internet and heat have had their turns to shine, and not, although for the most part it feels like things are actually happening and right outside our little world inside. 

I’m not sure whose idea it was to place this sign directly outside of our glass door although it feels as though it must have been God himself. “Crosswalk Closed, use the other side”, it’s been glaring through. 

And I can’t help think of a more apropos summation that encapsulates how we’ve had to run our business for the last nine months. Far bumpier than we’re used to. Fabric suppliers closed, what else is available to use use? Production postponed, wait it out. School’s out, work less, or not at all and raise up our arms. 

So now, the beauty about posting about it here turns any screen that sees it into the same glass door of #thecornershop.

The new roads have not all been easy to access, although I know that collectively seeing others find theirs, and go along them road makes our crazy one feel that much more doable. 

#frockfluid #frockpolarT#frockbandskirt

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