Will this dress fit me?

I know what it’s like to shop online. I’m never 100% certain if the cut will be right, the shape flattering, or the size, the right fit for me.

We’ve been working on including more real women with different bodies, shapes, and personalities wearing our collections. Women, sisters, mothers, grandmothers moonlighting as models, who wear the clothing in real life. 
We want you to be able to visualize the clothing move naturally on women who wear it, on bodies you can relate to.

We’ll do this intentionally, connecting with new women as we launch new products.
We want you to be able to visualize slipping the Two Way Jacket over your shoulders as a jacket, for yourself. Over the Silky T, a T-shirt, and jeans, or zipped and belted closed for an architecturally inspired silhouette.
Each of our bodies will have different relationships with our different pieces, and we want to do our best to share that.

Tirzah is 5’5”, size 0-2 and wearing size XS
Rochell is 5’3”, size 2-4, and wearing size S
Chaya is 5’2”, size 8-10, and wearing size M

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