The Frock x Anna and Ava Beanie-Black-$36

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We collaborated with millinery connoisseurs, Ana & Ava to create your comfy, cozy, street-style inspired beanie. In a thick, angora-blend rib, the slightly structured, yet slouchy topper, will be  your go-to brain warmer this season.

Please note: All beanies are FINAL SALE

Care Instructions: Handle with care and love. Pilling is part of the normal wear and tear of Angora. These fuzzy balls that appear on the surface of your beanie are signs of active use.

Dry Clean or hand washable

  • Before washing your beanie, remove the pills from the surface.
  • Do this by gently pulling them to free them from the fabric.
  • Because of the fuzzy texture of Angora, do not use a pill shaver to remove them or you risk damaging your sweater.
  • Hand wash with gentle laundry detergent, but do not wring or twist the fabric To dry, gently squeeze out the water.
  • Roll it in a dry towel until you remove all the excess water, repeating as many times as necessary.
  • Lay flat during the drying process.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat as this can cause the fabric to shrink.
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