Haitian Handmade Needlepoint Tote - Blue

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Each needlepoint bag is handmade, no two are the same. The bags are made by the lovely Rose, an 85 year old local from our neighbourhood, Crown Heights. Rose is a Haitian immigrant to the US and shares her story, with her hands that create and bring to life her culture full of life, color and vibrancy.

Rose speaks no english, only Creole and carries on her tradition of making these bags with love. Each bag takes days to create, each tells its own story, that you can fill with yours. Every bag has a characteristically worn and human touch. Please enjoy its unique personality as much as we do.

The Tale of the Handmade Needlepoint Tote:

There was never a stranger that Shua and I would bump into, that Shua wouldn’t have a conversation with, ask them where they were from, how their day was going. Every waiter at a restaurant was a person with a name, a story, who maybe spoke another language that Shua always ended up learning a few new words from.

When traveling, we would find ourselves giving a ride to fellow travelers who we’d swap stories with and discover new places that we would create our own in. Our Shabbat table was often filled with people we’d never met.

It was an ordinary day that turned out to be extraordinary. All because of one thing: a conversation, a connection. Chaya and I passed by a store who’s colors literally lured us in, and stopped us to use the scene as the perfect photo background. We introduced ourselves to the owner, learned her name and soon after discovered her very good friend’s talent for making handmade, needlepoint totes that we felt were the perfect edition to our online marketplace, #TheShuk.

I don’t really try to keep Shua ‘alive’ because he is so alive within me, around me, in everything I do, in the conversations I have with anyone I meet. I never know who or what will happen, but I do know, that a hello and a genuine Shua smile, always has an interesting, happy ending. Enjoy the one of a kind, Haitian Handmade Needlepoint Tote that has found a temporary home in The Shuk.

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