Whoah. The first newsletter of the new Frock Era.

I spent days writing The Letter that would change The Frock as we all knew it.  I spent weeks beforehand feeling perplexed as to how I was going to condense years worth of intricate emotions and thought processes, deep digging and decision making, intense, and sometimes agonizing navigation that in time boiled down to one peaceful, and powerful decision, into one letter that would mean so damn much. 

We had been on a labyrinth of a journey that was as breathtakingly beautiful as it was challenging. 

The letter would signal a new era for The Frock. 

(it would mean  new )A new mother for our children, a wife for our husbands, and ultimately, a new way of thinking and living for ourselves.

This is the first post I have written since we hit publish and sent out The Letter 2 months ago. 

WHOAH. The first post back.

The readiness is far outweighing the monstrosity I thought this would be, which feels nice because I was expecting it to be the latter. 

There have been many moments over the last two months where I caught myself feeling uneasy about letting moments happen without the usual recording of time that is so instinctual to us both, afraid of missing the gold mine. 

And as I kept my hands behind my back, I felt a freeing sense of ease from doing that exact thing.

So now, as I breathe in, and accept what I’ve ‘missed out’ on, I’m also able to breathe through the idea that perhaps I gained so much more. 

What feels new now, is capturing the moments that got us here, to the now, without the guilt and frustration of not having recorded them in real-time. My thoughts, memories, and feelings that make me who I am right now, is what is real. 

So this morning, when I visualized writing this, I saw myself, a camper, writing a letter from Summer camp to my friends and parents. The words started to flow. 

We’re ready to catch up with our family.

We hope to connect while we're here, before we dip out again.


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