We are here, every single day, because of you. #TheFrockLives.

Three months before I first strung these three words together in January 2018, I lay on the floor of a hospital lobby with Chaya and Sharon, tears of hysteria and desperation drowning any possible thought of life continuing. My life was over and so was The Frock’s.

Despite all odds, three months later I was still breathing, and The Frock, still open for business.

The first Pop Up Shop we hosted without Shua was coined, ‘The Frock Lives’. Back then, it became my personal slogan for survival. An inner goal I needed to keep repeating inside to facilitate the belief in something beyond the darkness I felt trapped in.

Gradually though, it changed in texture. It eased into the cheer squad that is my inner desire to fight back. My inner voice of perseverance, faith, and determination to live, and thrive.

Now, the inner voice has matured into something far beyond the personal, humble slogan I first set it out to mean.

As Chaya and I shed layers while donning clothes these past 14 catalytic months in our lives, we’ve witnessed the communal power of vulnerability. The reciprocation of your unyielding support, but especially your desire to also dig deep, unearth and share your personal stories began to breed the rumblings of something greater. Support is what comes to mind. Feeling heard. Feeling validated. Feeling understood. Feeling loved. A movement of acceptance. 

Having a safe space where we can really live as the people we are, goes far beyond just me and my story. Chaya and hers.

It is only through a collective voice of openness, a vulnerability in a safe space where we can impact our experiences here on this earth for the better and make them ones of growth, support, and light.

Our new campaign, The Frock Lives, is a tribute to you. Behind every face, there is a triumph, a struggle. There is an untold story we don’t know about yet, one that we can learn from, and find so much comfort in.

Our goal for our new campaign, #TheFrockLives is to give women, you, the encouragement to be open about who you are and what you are going through. You are amazing, and we want to hear your story. We hope we can give you that space.

Each month, we will endeavor to debut a new voice to continue the journey of love, light, and goodness that we have embarked on. Our vision is to grow together with you, with this community through your experience, your story. Learn from it, grow from it and live better because of it.

We hope to give you the encouragement to be open about who you are and what you are going through; your lives, your struggles, your achievements. We are humbled to invite you to share with us.

Participants will be featured on our Instagram and blog, and if you are in the New York area we may ask you to come to our studio for some filming and photography.

#TheFrockLives because of you. We’re honored that your story is so much a part of what makes ours.

"Life is only froth and bubble
Two things stand alone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own" - Author unknown

My mother shared with me a poem that she found in her autograph book from high school some 46 years ago. It was a short note scribbled on one of the pages by her teacher. She reminded me of it recently, words she has never forgotten. The words that encapsulate so deeply what #TheFrockLives campaign is all about.

When giving and receiving happens harmoniously, with balance, in a trusted space, it allows us to access the deepest parts of our very existence. Without this opportunity, we may never access the magic, the pain, the beauty, and the depth that our beings possess. 

I am not alone. We are not alone. We are a community. Welcome to the movement