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The Frock Customized T is your instant layering piece that also multi-purposes as a top, vest or cover up, one that can twist and knot any way you like it. We have Frock-ified, redefined, transformed and recreated an original Hanes T, with our very own hands. Vogue has deemed it the ‘hottest layering piece’, those who have touched it have dubbed it ‘genius’. The only thing left for you to do, is try it.

The "Tie" style is designed to wear untied like a cape or tied at the waist, over or under the front of the T. You can also tie it around the back or do whatever you want with it, just have fun!!

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For best results:

  • Cold machine wash with like colors
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Do not iron

Sizing/Fit Information: 

  • The Frock Customized T is “ONE SIZE”
  • The ‘ONE SIZE’ fit is intended to flow with the movement of your body working with any shape and size

The #FrockCustomizedT Story

In an alternative universe, the top executives at Hanes Corp. couldn't figure out how to sell their unsellable, super-duper oversized T's. With high hopes, they begged The Frock Stars to apply their magic touch and make the Cinderella of undershirts ready for the ball... Have you ever associated Hanes with the word cool? We didn't think so. Only The Frock could pull this off this impossible feat. Thanks to us, Hanes has made it into #Vogue. Your welcome #MichaelJordan Now, this repurposed, one of a kind (made with our own loving hands) layering must-have, can make it into your closet.

Style Stalking: Go ahead, check out how the #FrockcustomizedT is worn on Frockstagram.

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