The Saddle Belt

$ 12.00

The Saddle Belt - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


- Massive 72 inches in length, but only 1/8 inch X 1/8 inch wide.

-100% authentic cowhide leather

- Handmade in Colorado


The natural leather may leave tiny removable leather remnants on clothing. If shredding occurs, use a rag/towel or cloth-like fabric to wipe down the belt.

For initial use, until the leather has been 'worn in' wear darker colors on dark clothing and lighter colors on light clothing. Once the belt has been worn a few times, any color belt can be worn on any color of clothing.


All saddle belt sales are final sale.

In an attempt to solve wardrobe crises throughout the universe, we locked ourselves in our underground fashion lab to create the perfect accessory.

With a little mad science, we accomplished our mission. Introducing the Saddle Belt, the life-changing accessory that can morph from belt to bracelet, and necklace to hair tie in the blink of an eye. And if you must use it as a whip, we’re not here to judge you. All we can promise is that once you wear the Saddle Belt, you’ll be roped in forever.

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