Fabric of Our Lives

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - said no one ever at #TheFrock. There is always room for us to take a step back, re-examine and strive for perfection. Our clothing needs to provide beauty, but also function - for you. We critique what we have to see if there is room for improvement. We steadily work with precision and purpose to make it better, each time. Down to the precise detail of the seam position of the #SilkyT, moving it back even an eighth of an inch so it glides effortlessly over your shoulders, moving the button to the inside of the dress so it won’t catch your hair, doesn’t go unnoticed.

We value your feedback and support because every comment makes a difference. #FrockFabric We're starting a new segment called the #FrockFabric Every lightbulb of an idea that pops into our head in the shower or be it an idea that has taken months to develop needs the perfect thread, the fabric with the right hand feel and precise shape with just enough texture and durability until it becomes a Frock we're proud and exited to share with you. We want to highlight the fabrics we are using, the thought process behind our favorite designs and the materials we dedicate hours sourcing and discerning between.


I have a question and don’t see your email. What type of fabric are the slip skirts made from? Is it a knit? Is it shiny? I can’t tell from the pics. Thanks so much.

Adrienne Jacobson May 06, 2019

hi i love your pieces and the look.Very funkadelic.I’d like to come by and show you my work.It wd be sometime in 2019.Perhaps I cd email you pics privately?

shoshana troppe December 31, 2018

Where are you currently located ?

Paula November 29, 2018

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