What makes the New Infinity fabric different?

The original Infinity was constructed in a medium-weight, cotton french-terry. It was functional, reliable, and felt like a comfy zip-up. It resembled the type of sweatshirt that was towel-like inside, more solid than stretchy.

We loved wearing it and also felt like we wanted to be wearing it more: to more places, in more seasons, but it was a little too… heavy.

As our lives got busier we needed The Infinity to say yes to us, no matter the time or place. We needed a new, second option: a lighter Infinity.

We spent a year testing out fabrics, working with new factories to create a lighter Infinity that wouldn't compromise on our original design, that would stand the test of wearing and washing it, endlessly, and importantly, one that could beat our original price.

We combined a hint of spandex with the original cotton and included polyester for longevity. Plus, we added stretchy, ribbed cuffs.

The end result: The new Infinity Lt.

Soft and stretchy.
Lighter and easier to wear.
Roll it up and pack it for travel.

And the best part about it all: The new lower price.


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