A note on NOW and TOMORROW.

Chaya and I are using this time to relearn and retrain ourselves how to be. How to give of ourselves as working women, mothers, and wives in a way that is enjoyable, productive, and sustainable.
There were so many things we were getting right about the way we did things, and so many things we were getting wrong.
These include things like a complete shift in mindset, to a total overhaul of how we practically use our time.

We’ve spent these last two months going deeper inside, digging up truths about our relationship with ourselves, each other, and our community, social media in particular:
The fear of not being on it.
The dependency on it.
The constant pressure to show up.
Learning that we can be here in healthy ways where we give of ourselves and learn from you.
Showing up because we have an energy and gift to share with the world.

The choice of showing up has become more intentional, gratifying, and profitable in more ways than we thought possible.

We’ve been reaching out and connecting with other business owners, setting up lunch dates with mentors and women, and new friends we can ask questions to. We are here to learn.

All the things we’re doing, plus the things we are learning and have yet to learn are here to help us ease into the new Frock Rhythm.

Essentially, we’ve always been dancing to the music of our lives. Now, we’re listening a little more carefully and hearing a new beat.

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