Goodbye’s and New Beginnings

Terry landed in LA this afternoon and for the first time, I felt the cross-country distance, not in mileage.

It’s obviously been a big deal that her and Moysh are going west, I’ve just chosen not to think about it until I had to. Which was today. The ‘gift’ of denial. 

It is and will be bittersweet that we don’t live within a few blocks of each other, a magical opportunity for them to find and grow roots of their own, to soar. 

Yaniv reminded me that today is Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the Jewish month known as Kislev. How befitting to start their journey on the first day of the month that signifies light and miracles. I have no doubt that while we miss each other hard, this new path will illuminate wonders. Terry and Moysh, you’re our torchbearers.

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