The Frock Beanie Has Arrived

Full transparency.

So the size 1 beanies arrived yesterday, and it turns out Hashem has other plans for our size 1 beanies.
They arrived more like Joshy’s size, who’s my 2-and-a-half year old (mind you he does have a cute, big head for a toddler, but still, you get the gist).

While it’s possible for mishaps to happen in this industry, it still doesn’t make this irregular shipment, and last couple of months of back and forth easier to swallow.

Some situations have more on the line than others, and even while trying to figure out the positives of the circumstances it’s been a downer to our excitement that we’ve been holding on to for months. We want this beanie and we want you to have it too!!!

We’ve been pushed to find new ways to iron out kinks we didn’t expect, and as it comes to fruition we understand more that our challenges don’t hold us back, rather strengthen our resolve.

After trying the #frockbeanie in many customers, we’ve decided that the first shipment of beanies are going to be our ONE SIZE!!!
Our heads have been hugged for some time now and we CANNOT wait to hug yours!

AND.. the moral of the story is that THEY ARE GOING ONLINE MONDAY!!


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