Happy Chanuka!!

How lucky are we that we have a reason to celebrate for 8 days, although more than that, to spread light. May we each find the light within ourselves, and let the light of our people shine through the darkness of this world. 

I listened to a one hour podcast with Rabbi Lord Johnathon Saks as I drove our weekend puppy home to his mom tonight. 

My main take away from the interview that I want to think about, and think about, and think about some more, is this: if we surround ourselves with people that are just like us, we will never grow. That one line speaks depths on simple kindness, respect and an open mind for both. I have this urge to keep listening and reading more from Rabbi Saks, and in fact, I just bought his book, Morality which I’m really excited to read.

My take away from having a guest puppy this weekend, is that as much as we would love to adopt one, our family is not quite ready for it, at all.

My take away from both is this: to a large degree, we get to curate our habitat. We get to pick the people we want to spend more time with, and possibly open our minds to having a conversation with someone we usually wouldn’t. We have the choice to be more open to the potential for a new friendship (what?! this is something very hard for me to do). 

And now more than ever I want to fill my space with light, so I need to find it within myself first.

Happy 4th night of Chanuka, may the light of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Saks continue to guide us on a path that challenges us to be better than we are now.

Happy Chanuka! 

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