If Only I Lived On a Farm

The following short poem is inspired by the children’s books I’ve been reading to my kids the past couple of weeks that I currently know off by heart. If you haven’t come across, “Iggy Peck, Architect”, “Ada Twist, Scientist” and more by Andrea Beaty, I highly recommend them for an awesomely fun and exciting family reading session.

I’ve always dreamt about living on a farm, and have done so since I was three.

Leaving everything behind, no stress or demands, just my family, and nature and me...

We’d farm the land and get our hands dirty, our nails filled black to the brim.

Fresh air to fill our lungs all day long, and not concern ourselves about being proper nor prim.

I ought to make my life now like the farm and not let freedom and breath wait on vast nature,

It’s a state of mind, and takes work I know that for sure, so work I will to usher in that stature.

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