The Makings of The Frock Beanie, a poem.

Way back in June when our perspiration flowed like rivers,

We knew that New York Winter’s require foresight, to protect us from the shivers,

From the brutal cold that bears no mercy, 

On our naked temple’s fear of becoming icy. 

It’s hard to conjure a desperation that’s not yet there,

Especially when imagining Winter, “I’m not quite ready to be aware”,

Yet the memory of brain freeze that begs for some shelter, 

In a cozy, perfect beanie that would consistently protect her, 

Sent my hands to sketch beanies in fabrics Chaya and I were conspiring, 

In colors and styles that our minds were acquiring. 

Yes of course generating warmth was first priority,

But shape, fit, comfort and cool-factor was non-negotiable, rather key 

Don’t forget that your votes, your ideas where you shared your opinion,

Was the impetus behind the color scheme: hunter green and black forever was the majority dominion, 

Which brings us to the now, where the foresight has become actualized,

And we have the ultimate #Frockbeanie coming soon, that is highly prioritized.

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