LIVE YOUR SOUL x Frock Infinity: Joyce, Soul Journeyer

After spending last week meeting, speaking with, photographing and filming a soulful group of women in their own spaces and zones wearing the #FrockInfinity, it now feels like a daunting task to honor their shares. And at the same time it feels like a responsibility Chaya and I have been led to.

I pray that God gives us the ability to share these powerful messages in a way that you can connect and relate to, and that we find the direction to take us there. We did this purposefully in an open setting so we could invite you on this journey, and we are honored that you’re here.

Through this week and next we’ll be releasing images, full interviews as well as magic nuggets of wisdom from these women all with the purpose of continuing our search, of what it means to LIVE YOUR SOUL.

This is the beginning of a journey that is infinite, beginning with the Soul Journeyer @joycefranco121. 

Joyce is wearing the #FrockInfinity #comingsoon

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