LIVE YOUR SOUL, the Beginning of the Journey

Tomorrow we embark on our ‘Live Your Soul’ quest where the journey will start in my minivan in Crown heights, and end... nowhere in sight.

We got lucky with the inches of snow this week, just the amount my minivan can handle to drive and meet different women in New York, although the depths we are about to dive into have no measure.

The Live Your Soul campaign came to me quite selfishly, actually, and it could be said that we’re doing this solely for ourselves. Chaya and I have been synchronically (unintendedly) ploughing through our own piles of snow and came to the point where we were finding crossovers to support each other, uplift one another and share tools that could give us the all-wheel-drive that most definitely helps.

I have gotten so used to labeling my power as pain, struggle, and challenge, that I almost feel a total power outage, when that pain doesn’t fuel me. So I keep asking myself, “Am I devoid of power, without the pain?”. What is my power?

The minivan’s first stop is to meet other women and discover how the #FrockInfinity inspires them to take on their day, how they find power in their daily life. How they live their soul.

Could healing and digging up the road that unearths it, be mine? Is my soul capable of more than just pain? Join us tomorrow, on our ‘Live Your Soul’ quest, as we go in search of what it means for other women to live theirs, in search of finding ours.

And like I said at the beginning, this journey is (officially) starting tomorrow, ending never.

The #FrockInfinity + coordinating leggings though, are coming soon. #Liveyoursoul

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