LIVE YOUR SOUL x Frock Infinity: Yocheved, The Queen of Soul

If there has been no such genre as the, ‘Queen of Soul’, there is now.

As we were walked into Yocheved’s house on the second day of our ‘Live Your Soul’, conquest, we instinctively dubbed her, ‘The Queen’. It was before we had seen her in her natural, Persian-chic element, although the regality of this new name was the perfect match for the emotional experience we had inside (her palace).

When we thought of who we wanted to interview, Yocheved came to mind instantly, forever revering her force, and soul quest that has been obvious to us for a long time.

The esteem though, is more of a measure of the virtues of her soul journey, and proficiency to share it in the beautifully articulate, touching way she does, more than the majestic atmosphere that is merely a reflection of her soul.

Stay tuned for the video your mind body and soul does not want to miss.

Click here to watch the full video.

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