Now and Then:

We knew we were geographically in the right district. That much was certain. We had no clues as to which office, in what building, on what street would yield the best results that day, over 8 years ago.

“The Garment District!”, they said by way of narrowing it down. Obviously.

So two sisters with a dream to make a dress to save our closets, essentially choreographed a door-knocking tap dance with two things, our gut and chance.

We didn’t find what we were looking for on that first day, nor that first year. We swiped left many times at many new offices, worked with multiple sample makers and production houses until we had the confidence in ourselves, and trust in God to swipe right. With enough grit and belief in what we were doing, we created the #FrockSignatureSlip. The goal for that dress 8 years ago was for it to be a staple. It has become just that.

Today, at our core, our bones are still made of clothing that we create to better our lives, and yours, to enhance our physical and emotional lives, (yes emotional). And surrounding that, are the layers filled with connections and sparks: the community that grows every day because of it.

We started with the goal to fill a void in your closest. Today, we’re still doing that, but it has become so much more.

BIG NEWS COMING. Stay tuned.

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