We were never just a regular shopping experience. It was never: make clothing, sell it, boom. It sounds simple enough though.
I used to wish for my life to be simple. I’m not sure why I needed my aunt to remind me that I was never simple.
Chaya too. We don’t do simple, don’t know-how. Not in the way we eat, the way we shop, the way we dream, and definitely not the way we dress, BRING ON THE LAYERS!
We’re artists who want to share. Who want to hear, who want to converse. We’d be bored and unfulfilled if it was just a dress.
From day one we naturally wove our lives and stories into the garments we made, not even on purpose. And what we got in return, was yours.
We craved connection. To hear something from the other side because the dress alone did not fill us up, or feed us in the way that emotional connections can.
As we’ve started to lift layers from asking hard questions, we’ve come to deeply internalize that our why is to create clothing that creates and inspires connection, that cultivates community.
That our why is you.

Big news is coming. Stay Tuned.

chaya and simi sitting in the parkchaya and simi sitting on the grass in prospect park

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