There is a dream, and a vision:

Friday night was the one night at home when our father would sing. Not because he was saving his voice solely for Shabbat, but because Friday night was really the only time he felt free; to sing, to dream, to not move at 100 miles p/hour, to read his novel way past Shabbat dinner ended, to actually allow himself to sit at a table and eat. We never actually sat down during the week as a family, there was never enough time or space for a table.

Chaya and I find ourselves humming our family’s Friday night songs, usually when we’re not conscious of it. One in particular. It tells the story of a carpenter who spends his days and nights carving wood to feed his family. Most only see a pitiful carpenter whose sedentary life will go nowhere. What they aren't privy to see, and lack the sensitivity to feel is the carpenter’s powerful knowing and trust in something much greater.

His daily, seemingly pitiful grind doesn't bring him down for his belief in his hopes and dreams are so potent, so unwavering, so integral to his being that he understands his present state will get him there. It fills his experience with joy.

We have created a dream and a vision around our clothing - that has become this community. That has become you.
We sing this song in our own words today.
There is a dream and vision deep within our hearts
That this community will evolve, and grow with you intrinsically a sum of all its parts.
We are only we, because of you.
It is you that makes this community a place where dreams and visions come true.
Part me, part you. Together. 

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