Terry Goes West

I share this photo with a heart full of emotion because in just a couple of days, our New York trio will be down to two.

Not in connection, only by location. Not in our bond, only by borders which are our only consolation for the next stage of our physical separation.

Terry is moving out West. There. I said it. I wrote it down, although the three of us have no concept of what it actually means. Perhaps that is denial. 

While we know so much will change, nothing will change at all. We are so proud of her and Moysh, inspired by their boldness in taking this leap and proud to watch them journey along their next adventure where life will unfold in ways only braveness leads you to. 

While we’ve made plans for office hours on zoom (all day), FaceTime hours in between, we’re going to miss her guts more than our #momthelegend misses us and that amount is infinite. 

We’re still going to have our dance numbers from Terry albeit cross-country, and I’m sure Moysh will get in the action too. The Frock ship is still being steered by her, the Frock Captain that she is, she’ll just get to wear a uniform suited to a warmer climate.

Terry may be going out West but our trio is not going anywhere.

Because you can take Terry out of the concrete jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of Terry.

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