Welcome to The Shuk, a marketplace by The Frock

Explore the color, excitement, and diversity of The Shuk, our online marketplace. Here, we have curated a range of handmade one-of-a-kind creations, mingling unique flavors with the soul of The Frock.

Named in memory of Simi’s late husband Shua, our online Shuk is a place to connect and to create, to take in exciting colors, sights, and sounds, to build community and discover new cultures and creations. 

Since ancient times, people gather on market days to share their wares. Amid a sea of foreign sounds and unique aromas, people mingle and come together, sharing what they love and discovering something new from others, items that are handmade or gathered from far away. Connections are made and communities are built.

Like the original Shuk - alternatively, sooq, souk of the Middle East, our new marketplace is a space of colors, spices, and magic. It's a place of new discoveries and old friends, of finding one-of-a-kind treasures and exquisite handmade items from local artisans and from all over the world. You will find our favorite styling pieces, limited editions, and seasonal pieces landing in our marketplace - and in your lives - at just the right time.

Our Shuk is a place of community, a place to gather, where artisans passionate about their craft will have the space to share their beloved pieces, with you.

As teenagers growing up in Sydney, Australia, our Mum knew she could always find Chaya and I scouring the local Bondi markets for one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. We would work for hours babysitting and stockpile our hard-earned cash for the inevitable treasure quest. As gleeful, enthusiastic hunters, we would pursue every corner of the market to discover that one magical thing that would make our insides dance, plastering smiles on our faces as we proudly displayed our newfound discoveries. We could never get enough.

In our travels, together with our families, our first stop is always the local markets. We are like eager children, hungrily taking in the new, exciting foreign sights, sounds, and scents. It’s the way we acclimate and feel at home. We get a sense of who the people are, what they buy, what they like, their stories, their most treasured possessions, what they eat for breakfast. People gather we connect, we talk, we share, we explore, we taste, we buy, and we leave with not only that exciting new item but a story to share once we buy that pillow and display it on the couch at home.

On our trips to Israel, we always love paying a visit to the Shuk on a Friday. It’s hard to describe the energy, yet it is palpable. It’s more than just what we buy. It’s the atmosphere of connection, newness, and diversity. There’s always something new, yet strangely familiar because it comes from real people, who become family as we share our stories through our shopping.

Since our inception, as we’ve watched our line evolve from just one dress to the entire collection that we have today, we’ve also witnessed the growth of something greater. A community. Together with you as our partners, we connect in more ways than simply clothing. As we grow, we’ve formed new connections beyond The Frock, and we want to take them further. Imagine what we could create when we share even more of ourselves with you - and when you share with us, and with one another?

Prior to being The Frock as we know it, we began as peddlers of vintage clothing. We founded our community as our own flea market of sorts, and continue to build those connections with The Frock.

Shua always dreamed for Chaya and I to recreate the marketplace of old, right here, in our virtual home, at thefrocknyc.com. He was proud of who we were and what we created, and he passionately encouraged us to share our whole selves with you. We wanted to honor his inextinguishable, and sincere faith in us, and create this Shuk, in his memory, in his name.

Along with being our resident copy editor, psychologist, and greatest cheerleader, Shua was also a deeply intuitive mentor. He fervently pushed us to go the extra mile in growing our business. He wanted everyone to taste the excitement of finding that unique piece, that special something that can only be discovered through human connection.

He foresaw that our mission at The Frock wasn't only to bring beautiful, functional clothing to our community, but to connect people to the ultimate lifestyle through discovering the hidden delight in life when things come together perfectly. As a connector himself, he knew the importance of finding just the right piece at the right moment - whether it was a person, place or thing. He attracted people who forged real relationships, partnerships, creative initiatives in his presence.

That is the vision for our Shuk. The marketplace, as Shua first envisioned, named for the man we often called "Shu".

Come browse and explore our treasure chest of selected favorites we've chosen just for you. This is our marketplace, and we want to share it with you.
Welcome to the Shuk!

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What a beautiful tribute!i feel S though I know Shua.

Susie Bensoussan December 30, 2018

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