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I keep trying to figure out how I’m going to get back to a regular posting schedule without making mention of what my new reality is like.

In general, I’m not one to withhold my emotions and the thought of sharing a passion for Frocks without what lies beneath at any given moment seems untrue to myself. I know that there will be a time when I’ll be able to post a dress , just as a dress, but for now, I can’t help but express the duality of what is going on inside, the need to talk about Shua whenever and wherever I can.

If I think about what Shua would be telling me now right now, he’d be validating the dichotomy of my pain and sadness, along with my desire to create and share with you, a new Frock. That one doesn’t negate the other. Because truth be told, Shua would have been urging me (actually fervently pushing me) to release the new WASHABLE #SilkyT last week.
So please, indulge me to share my dialectical thoughts; my love of the new #SilkyT, together with my desire to keep Shua at the forefront of my mind, heart and soul.


I just finished writing to you with a couple of business questions and only afterwards read about the passing of Shua z"l. I am so sorry to hear. יישר כח

Pam Beni October 02, 2019

Dear Simi,
My sincere condolences go to you over the death of your dear husband. You will honor and hold him in your heart always.
Treat yourself gently with patience. I know, I’ve been there also. My heart goes out to you.

Lynne Bramerel May 05, 2019

Dear Simi— I am so terribly sorry to hear of Shua’s passing. Sending you lots of love.

Liba Chabus November 07, 2018

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