My Law of Attraction

16 years ago I was deep in northern mountains of Israel lost in the study of Chasidic teachings, but I had never felt so found. I was tucked away in a cobbled stone, non-heated building atop a mountain in Tsfat that could either be confused for being enchanted, or just dilapidated.

There was a grounded airiness I hadn’t ever tasted before, and I couldn’t believe I was discovering this magic for the first time. I was surrounded by women who just as curious as I was, and while we all came from different parts of the globe and backgrounds that would compare like night and day, there was a consciousness there that we all kind of acknowledged, different though it was for each of us.

You’d think being so deep in spiritually I’d forget my sartorial cravings, but on the contrary my burn for creating clothes that would reflect our mission here, God’s, burned so strong.

While sitting in class one afternoon, probably deep in Torah, my lazer sharp, vulture abilities
for clothing swooped in on a woman who entered the class in a dress, that I knew was already in my life from that moment on. It was perfect, everything I was looking for in a dress that I knew was so hard to find. Heart racing, mind concocting, by the time class had ended I had traded articles of clothing with the woman who’s name I wish I remembered now. (If anyone does, please share!)

I remember that first vision of that dress so clearly. It was a slouchy, midi length knit turtleneck dress, in a caramel toned chocolate, that was as perfectly tailored, as it was loose and oversized. The neck went extra high, the sleeves extra slouchy, it oozed cool. I knew than that it was part of my story I just had no idea how big a role.

I enjoyed that dress for years, thought about the bright green eyed, matching long caramel haired woman who it once belonged to each time I wore it.

For years I have wanted to recreate this dress, and I don’t know why this was the year for this story and this dress to emerge. Perhaps it’s to remind me that everything we go through are all threads that when woven together become a tapestry that tells our own stories, and each other’s.

What’s hers, became mine, and now all of yours. The original dress is currently hanging in #theCornerShop labeled on a rack that says, “SAMPLES NOT FOR SALE”. The other boxes of recreated dresses are waiting in boxes on shelves, waiting to be sent to you.

I have no doubt that the law of attraction energy that got me this dress lives in each dress that was produced because of it, by way of intention and the heart that went into recreating it.

Two day to go until we launch the new(ish) #frockknitdress.

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