Who Wears The Pants?

I know for certain that my (almost) full- time, immersive relationship with our business, plays an influential role in my daily ‘faith-inspired fashion choices’, as I’ll label it for now. I’m very aware of the accountability I feel when getting dressed, thinking about and sharing what I wear. That responsibility in itself demands from me something, and it has become an actual action that ascribes the way I get dressed, and also has me thinking what my alternative would be. 

This brings me to these coordinating pants, that we have styled with the #frock2way that you can sign up to a waitlist for!

Pants have become an integral part of our modest-fashion dressing, synthesized to the point where I don’t remember ever dressing without them. These pants were made for styling only, although many of you have asked about us making them.

While making these pants feels natural to who we have grown into, not making them also feels natural to the feel and dress

code of this diverse community. 

So I will end with this question: Will you wear the pants? We would love to know below if you’re the type to buy the coordinating pants, the type that wouldn’t wear them at all, or if you would, would you find your own?

Terry and Chava are both wearing the new #frock2way

Terry is wearing size small, Chava size M. Join the waitlist to get yours!

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